About Us

About Royal Age


Royal Age is on a mission to provide young people over 60 with the products they need to live comfortably.

Royal Age believes that senior citizens across the United States deserve to live with dignity and independence.

Very few services currently available are tailored toward the specific needs of older adults, making it difficult for them to feel supported and confident. To live full and healthy lives, our loved ones must have direct access to what they need, when they need it.

That’s why we founded Royal Age.


The latest pandemic has shown just how vulnerable this country’s elderly population is. Royal Age is working hard to provide a safe and reliable online platform to deliver the essentials straight to their doorstep. We believe that seniors deserve the best care and support possible, no matter what.

Seniors run into unique challenges when attempting to gather simple necessities, challenges that are largely overlooked. We believe they shouldn’t be.  


Who Is Royal Age?

Our co-founder Larry King is a senior himself and recognized the need to act immediately. During his own quarantine, he noticed the lack of specialized services for the elderly, many of whom have existing issues with mobility and other forms of accessibility.

The President and CEO of Royal Age, Jacobi Niv, was raised by his grandmother and saw firsthand how challenging it was for her to collect the items she needed on her own.

This unique experience motivated Jacobi to do better for our most vulnerable population. After getting in touch with Larry King, who reported a similar experience, they became committed to providing seniors with an ecommerce and education platform that empowers older adults by catering to their lifestyles—no matter what stage of life they are in.

“I understand how big the need of senior citizens in America is to have their own reliable and safe online platform which will deliver our most needed products right to their doorstep with content and an experience tailored specifically for us, That’s why I created ROYAL AGE.”


Our Values

We believe in community. We are passionate about supporting our most vulnerable neighbors and loved ones. Our seniors have provided us with decades of hard work and sacrifice—and we believe they deserve to live without any worries or anxiety.

We believe in dignity. Senior citizens deserve to retain as much independence and dignity as they can. Our desire is for older adults to stay active, healthy, and to live vibrantly. To do so, they need services specifically designed with their needs and comfort in mind.

We believe in staying connected. No one deserves to feel isolated and alone, especially during times of uncertainty. That’s why we created a platform where older adults can feel socially connected, engaged, and optimistic.

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